The Town of Massena will host the Massena Fishing Expo on February 14 – 16, 2020 at the St. Lawrence Centre in Massena, NY.  This three-day fishing extravaganza will showcase the local and regional trades, talents, and trends that will be the highlights of the 2020 fishing experience for both professional and novice anglers alike.  All things related to fishing and fun will be featured at this Upstate New York venue.   

It is appropriate that this premier fishing expo is being brought to the Town of Massena by one of the most successful and widely respected show promoters in the fishing industry.  Mr. Dan Kenney, promoter of the New England Fishing Expo in Massachusetts and the New Hampshire Outdoor Expo will come to Massena to build on the excitement created by the 2019 FLW Costa Tour.  These shows have been built and are very successful due to hard work and support from the communities and local businesses who participate in helping the area as a whole.  

Mr. Kenney will be in Massena during the first week of January 2020 to promote the event and meet with the local and regional businesses who will be part of the fishing expo.  Any business that is interested in learning more about the expo or to participate as an exhibitor should plan to come to the St. Lawrence Centre on Tuesday, January 7th to learn more about the event.  The time of the meeting with Mr. Kenney is 6:00 pm.

Mr. Kenney has operated the New England Fishing Expo since 2012 and the Town of Massena has been an exhibitor at these shows for the last 5 seasons.  The impact of these shows has demonstrated significant outside interest in the fishing of Massena and surrounding areas from the visitors to these shows.  According to Mr. Kenney, “I hand-selected this area for our expansion into a new market based on the fact that the North Country is considered the number one freshwater fishing area in the country with the incredible bass fisheries, walleye, muskie, panfish, and of course ice fishing.  All of these areas will be covered in our inaugural expo.”

There will be major players at this expo such as anglers, manufacturers, and professionals, along with seminars that can provide training techniques to the public.  Top professionals will display their products for the ultimate fishing experience, including locally crafted lures, new technology, and new devices to enhance the sport.  There will be boats, trailers, and products from local and regional businesses. The show is not intended as a one-time affair but will be an annual event to showcase the advancing tide of prosperity and development of the North Country.      

According to Don Meissner, Promotion Director for the Town of Massena, the opportunity to forge this movement forward will create a new level of economic excitement for local businesses.  He stated, “We need to craft this growth in such a way to bring new excitement to our region. The visitors who come into our area will need amenities such as lodging, food, and supplies. Local businesses can offer basic products and services that will help visitors enjoy our pristine outdoors.  We anticipate that our local business community will continue to grow as more and more visitors come to our area to discover the power that is Massena. We hope that every owner of our local businesses will make a special attempt to attend this meeting and learn how we can all grow together.”  

For more information about the event, businesses can call 315-322-1125 to make inquiries or to register for the meeting.  

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