Nightingale & Gagner Reel In 10.8 lb. Two Day Lunker To Win $5K At Big Bass Blowout

The 6th Annual Big Bass Blowout is complete on the St. Lawrence River. Plenty of big basses found their way into the weigh-in basket over the weekend. The biggest bass was caught in hour one on day one by the team of Scott Gibbons & Rick Conger with a 6.8 lb. monster bass followed by the team of Benjamin Smith & James Anson who reeled in a 6.4 lb. bass on day two, hour one.

With a total weight of 10.8 lb., the winners of the $5k two day lunker is the team of Ben Nightingale & J.P. Gagner. On day one the team reeled in 5.6 lb big bass and landed a 5.2 lb. bass on day two to clinch the big payday in Massena.

Hour 1 – Benajmin Smith & James Anson – 6.4 lb.
Hour 2 – Ben Nightingale & J.P. Gagner – 5.2 lb.
Hour 3 – Gary McIntyre & Chad Sharpe – 4.8 lb.
Hour 4 – Matt Chontosh & Joe Arcet – 3.6 lb.
Hour 5 – Matt Grant & John Korman- 5.2 lb.
Hour 6 – James Cerfini & Lisa Cerfini – 6 lb.

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